Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well guys, all of us love party, right? And so do the kids. Now, you will enjoy a colorful and meaningful party when we are going to put some kind of flair that adds up to the beauty of the party. Kids love to fantasize because of what they see on TV. They thought life is a wonderland full of laughs, toys and play.  One thing for sure kids will be forever kids. Meaning, all they think is eat, play and sleep. So as adults we love to see kids laugh and happy after fulfilling their childish whims. Been to party business for quite sometime and I would suggest a simple tips on how to make cartoon character standee that will make the party attractive and will get our kids thumbs-up. These tips are great to use when we mark our kids on their first birthday or the kid’s debut which is at her/his sixth birthday (this is when kid starts the school-age).

TARPAULIN PRINT. Choose any character that your kids love. In order to save on labor cost, you can download or copy the characters from the internet to a Microsoft Publisher or Corelle draw program in your computer or if you don’t have any computer just go to any internet café. The cost of  lay-outing for tarpaulin is around P150 ($3.5) while doing it in your own or in the internet café and saving it in your usb will only cost you P20 ($.47). Actually, you don’t really need a lay-out artist to do it since all we need is the colored character to be printed in tarpaulin, no colorful background at all. You can have it printed in 2x4 or 4x4 sizes. If you want a giant size of the character then I would suggest 5x6 or 6x6 sizes.

2.    CUT IT OUT. After having it printed. Then just cut it out. Follow the end line of the drawing so you will able to cut a life-size or real-size character. Dispose properly the excess or you can use it as a table mantle if the excess suits a table.

3.   PASTE IT IN PLYWOOD. Use a plywood bigger than your cut-out. You need to paste the cut-out in plywood so it will have a solid support when you are going to display it. You can use a RUGBY, GLUE OR PASTE to do it.  Then again, with the use of a hammer driving the chisel, you need to cut the plywood in the edge. Follow the edge of the cut out tarpaulin so the plywood will match the character.

      MAKE A LINK. At the back of the cut-out, nail or glue 2 or 3 feet long wood. Nail or glue the wood in the center body of the character going down. The nailed or glued wood should be 1 inch below the feet of the character. There should be an allowance to link the base.

5.       MAKE A BASE. In order for the standee to stand alone. You need to put a solid base on it. You can use a 1 inch or 2 inches thick wood. Cut it square in 1x1 or 2x2 feet enough to make the character stand.

     NAIL THE BASE & THE LINK. To have the finish product then just nail the base to the link of the standee to have that perfect character for the kid’s party.

There you have it! A standee for your kid's party! Standee can be a replacement for mascot. You can display it anywhere specially on the garden's entrance or in front of your house or venue. It will serve as a "come-on! Let's party" gesture to your guests and visitors. Happy Party!


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